Your Design Team!

Designing your journey is a team effort!

When we think of the college experience, we often picture ourselves in class listening to a lecture or in a study group with our peers discovering new knowledge and solutions to life’s issues. You entered Niner Nation as a student, but your journey started before that! Maybe you transferred in from another institution, brought credit hours with you from high school, served in the armed forces, work while attending classes, started college later in life, or are a first generation student. So, it’s easy to forget that your college experience can become complex and challenging at times. That’s why we’ve created your Design Team, a structured set of services and academic guides to help you along your journey towards a degree. We’ve taken the time to gather these academic journey influences below so that you can take the time to learn about how they can positively impact your time at our university. Welcome to a whole new way to manage your college experience – The Charlotte Model!

Get to know your team

professional advisor

Your Professional Advisor is someone who has specific knowledge on how to progress through your academics successfully.

faculty advisor

Faculty Advisors provide you with mentorship, often times, at the upper levels of your program.

career coach

If you are looking to connect what you study to pathways post graduation, a career coach will help you process that!

niner finance

The goal with college is to graduate with little-to-no debt. Niner Finance will help you learn those skills!

academic diversity and inclusion

Programs like UTOP and FIT provide our students with both mentors and support.


Services for our adult and evening students, those who served in the military, and those who learn from a distance.

study abroad

Are you looking for that international flavor to your journey? Study Abroad advisors will show you options!

pre-health advisor

Pre-Health advising is available on campus to help you prepare for healthcare careers.

pre-law support

Pre-Law support is available for those intereste in continuing their education into the legal profession.

Using your team

  • Be proactive!  There is nothing wrong with asking for help early and often; that’s why the design team is here.  Plan out the questions you have for your academic mentor, review their website for more information, and take a moment to think through the goals for the session.  Pro-tip: seek help from your academic advisor before registration begins to beat the rush!
  • Research services ahead of time to ensure you are using the correct team members for the questions you have.  Take a moment to become familiar with requirements for your academic major, minor, and general education.  
  • Take time to review some of the more technical things about your journey.  Do you know your GPA, important deadlines on the academic calendarearned credit hours, or did you update any contact details?
  • Show up and engage on time.  Many advisors and student success professionals keep a tight calendar and you may have to reschedule if you show up late.  Engage in the process by taking notes and maintaining important paperwork from all sessions.  Pro-tip: did you know there are notes in Connect from your advisor?