Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) Guaranteed Admissions Interview Program

The VCOM Guaranteed Admissions Interview Program grants admissions interviews to qualified Charlotte pre-medical students.  To qualify, students must meet all general admission and technical requirements for admission to VCOM, in addition to benchmarks that include, but are not limited to, completion of required courses (majority of courses completed at Charlotte), overall and science GPAs of 3.50 or higher, competitive MCAT scores, sufficient healthcare and community volunteer hours, and timely submission of an AACOMAS application. 

Students who qualify for the Guaranteed Admissions Interview Program will interview on campus at VCOM with three (3) VCOM faculty/administrators and participate in the designated interview day activities.   Admissions interviews are an important part of the selection process for medical school, but participation in the Program does not guarantee admission to VCOM.

Students who are interested in the VCOM Guaranteed Admissions Interview Program should send an email to for more information.