UNC Charlotte offers pre-dental preparation for undergraduate, graduate, and post-baccalaureate students interested in pursuing a career in dentistry. Opportunities and services available to students include:

  • Strong academic preparation in the required pre-dental “core” of classes
  • Broad selection of recommended classes “beyond the core”
  • Pre-Dental Advising for academic and nonacademic requirements for dental school admissions
  • Assistance with the application process, including essay and interview preparation
  • UNCC Pre-Professional Faculty Evaluation Committee that prepares recommendation letters for students with competitive academic credentials
  • Opportunities to become involved in research
  • Student clubs that offer guest speakers, community service opportunities, and support

There are 3 Dental schools in North Carolina:

East Carolina School of Dental Medicine

HPU Workman School of Dental Medicine

UNC Adams School of Dentistry

( * UNC Charlotte does not offer dental services to the public. Please consult the following resources: UNC at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry, Dental Clinic, Central Piedmont Community College Dental Hygiene Clinic, NC Missions of Mercy )

Recommended Core Courses

The following classes are recommended for completion of the basic pre-dental core at UNC Charlotte. The classes are recommended to cover the minimum basic requirements at the majority of dental schools and/or prepare you for the DAT exam. Biochemistry is required by the majority of dental schools. Microbiology requirements are variable among the dental schools, but it is strongly recommended.

General BiologyBIOL 2120/2130(with 2140 lab)
General ChemistryCHEM 1251/1252(with labs)
Organic ChemistryCHEM 2131/2132(with labs)
PhysicsPHYS 1101/1102 or 2101/2102(with labs)
BiochemistryCHEM 4165(lab seldom required)
StatisticsSTAT 1220, 1221, or 1222 
  • As an additional requirement for UNC School of Dentistry, add 1 of the following options: BIOL 3233, BIOL 3273 with lab, BIOL 4293, or [BIOL 2273 + 2274, with labs] or [EXER 2168 + 2169, with labs] (note: prefer 3000 or 4000-level courses)

More Resources


Pre-Dental Club

Charlotte has an active Pre-Dental Club for pre-dental students. The club offers opportunities to learn more about being a successful pre-dental student, guest speakers, group community service activities, and more. The club’s email address is . More information can be found on NinerEngage.