New changes to your advising experience!

We’ve got some awesome news to share – we’re bringing in some new advising professionals to our team! Huge shoutout to everyone who helped in the selection process – your input was invaluable. With these new additions, we’re stepping up our game in supporting you through your academic journey. Get ready for some exciting changes ahead! Keep an eye out for more info on how this will make a difference for you. We have started this FAQ guide; check back for more additions as all of this unfolds.

What changes are occurring with advising?

Our University has a strong commitment to providing students with an excellent academic pathway that speaks to their unique personal and professional goals.  To provide all undergraduate students with the support they need, university leadership has devoted new resources to ensure every student has access to a professional advisor.

Why is this change happening?

At the core of our mission is to provide resources and support that enables students to stay the course with their educational pursuits while graduating with little to no student debt and finding success in their careers.  To meet this goal, every student needs a support system that includes a professional advisor, faculty mentors, and a coordinated care network of service providers across campus.

When is the shift to professional advisors happening?

The “green light” has just been provided to move forward with these new resources t.  Undergraduate Education will lead a coordinated effort to move the process forward toward the hiring of new professional advisors during the summer.

What will happen with faculty advising?

The goal is to ensure every undergraduate student has a professional advisor who will provide expertise in coaching students through their academic pathway while connecting them to university resources that enable them to find success.  Our faculty remains a critical part of this process.  Over the course of the next academic year, new training and resources will be provided to all faculty to help shift from the more traditional advising role into a mentoring role where their expertise around career pathways will further support our students make the transition post-graduation.  Faculty will transition into a mentoring role starting on January 1, 2025.

How do I know who my advisor is?

Continue to use the CONNECT system (or your Student Profile in BANNER) to locate your current advisor.  As we continue to roll out new advisors and services your college/school will keep you informed.