Let’s choose a major

Let’s determine where you are right now…

One of the most exciting parts of college is deciding on what you want to study. Remember, study what you love to study and we will show you how you can transform it into purposeful work after graduation!

Remember - you have an entire Niner Nation ready to help you in this decision!

Exploring what to study

Gain an understanding of your uniqueness by learning about your values, interests, personality, and skills. Explore potential major and career options. Gather specific information about occupations and industries.

  • Explore your values, interests, personality, and skills
  • Explore career options for your major
  • Research occupation/industry knowledge needed for success
  • Explore education/training requirements

Take a Self Assessment Check out where past graduates have gone Discover what alumni do Learn about majors

Make an appointment with a career coach What can I do with a major in…

Narrow down your options

Review what you learned about yourself and the options that exist at Charlotte. Remember, “major doesn’t always equal career” which means there are multiple pathways to get you to what you want to do after college!

  • Try crossing out the majors you DON’T want to do. See what’s left over to explore further.
  • Create a list of the courses that you LIKED, or even ones that READ interesting to you.

Sometimes “trying it on” can help you determine whether you would like it or not!

  • Take a introductory course and TALK to your professor!
  • Find an alum or other professional who studied the major and ask them!
  • Join a Career Community and attend events to get to know programs, career paths, and industries.
  • Do undergraduate research, study abroad, or join a club to discover more.
  • Use the power of social media and join a department’s social media feed.

Remember –

  • You are not choosing a career just yet, just what you want to study! ALL majors lead to success.
  • This process might take a little time and that’s okay.
  • You have an opportunity to design your college experience with majors, minors, certificates, and learning experiences outside the classroom.
  • Design alternate plans just in case. There are many pathways towards graduating!
  • This is your decision. Always great to collect opinions and advice, but at the end of the day you have to live with your choice.

Make the commitment

You’ve explored and narrowed down to what you want to study. Now is the time to make the leap!

  • Take a moment to confirm that you have completed all entrance requirements for the major.
  • Meet with an academic advisor if needed.
  • Declare your major!

Revisit your decision

Sometimes you went through the self-discovery and research phases and made a decision that didn’t quite work out. That’s okay! The great thing about the college experience is that you have the opportunity to backup a bit and move in another direction!