What Should I Ask My Advisor?



  • Once you have familiarized yourself with requirements for your major, minor, general education and graduation by browsing this site and the Undergraduate Catalog, ask specific questions that will help to clarify such requirements.
  • If you are double-majoring or have a minor, be sure to gain clarity on what courses may count for more than one major/minor, if at all.
  • If you are undeclared, ask for suggestions about ways to explore possible fields of study.
  • Review your full academic plan from the time you enter until you plan to graduate so you can keep on track, completing coursework in an efficient manner.
  • Discuss your academic progress since the last visit with your advisor and your plans until the next visit.
  • Ask for suggestions for academic support if you are struggling in one or more courses.
  • Ask for suggestions for academic enrichment such as undergraduate research, internships and experiential learning.
  • Complete, in advance of the meeting, any required paperwork, as requested by your advisor(s).