Degree Planning

Welcome to the journey that will change your life!

Here at UNC Charlotte our mission is to help you learn the tools that will help you succeed in your professional career. The journey starts here in Charlotte and although you might think it ends when you graduate, the truth is that it is just the end of a new beginning.

That is the reason why it is very important that you take your degree planning seriously in order to make the best out of it and jump onto the next stage of your journey in life as prepared as possible. 

From the advising department we provide you with all the tools necessary to plan ahead your journey while you are in college and also ways to figure out the best way to use to your advantage all the resources we provide like the DegreeWorks tool. 

Keep on scrolling and find out the best plan to succeed in your journey!




Understanding Degree Requirements   





 How to Use Degree Works   





 "What If" I want to change my major?