Undergraduate Academic Advisor Assignments in Banner

Undergraduates must receive an academic advisor assignment for each major and minor they declare at the University. Academic Departments and Advising Centers are responsible for appointing a faculty or staff member to maintain accurate and up-to-date advising assignments in Banner. Below you will find details about the timeline and process for updating advisor assignments.

Advisor Assignment Timeline


Department/Advising Center Action


New students should be assigned an advisor once they have attended SOAR.

Within Two Weeks After Census Date (Fall, Spring, Summer I and Summer II)

Ensure that all students in your department/advising center have an accurate advising assignment recorded in Banner.

1st Monday of Each Month (Best Practice)

Your department/advising center should update student advising assignments to reflect change of majors into and out of your program(s) including readmits, and faculty and staff advisor changes.  Advisor assignments should be updated immediately following these changes.

Advisor Assignment Process

1.  Review Accuracy of Assigned Advisor(s) in Banner by Running a Report

Report Express (open faculty/staff access)

  • Log in, using your UNC Charlotte username and password
  • Select the Advising tab
  • Select the Report you desire (left side):
    •  Advisor Listing by level, college, department, major
    •  Students with no Advisor by level, college, dept., major
  • Select Term, Level, College, Degree, Major, etc.
  • Select the Report output you desire (HTML or Excel)
  • Select Submit

Report Central (limited faculty/staff access)

Each department chair should have access rights for two people (chair, advising coordinator and/or administrative assistant). You are encouraged to work with these individuals.  If your department needs access, the chair should contact ITS Service Desk at 704-687-5500.

  • Log in, using your UNC Charlotte username and password
  • Select the Advising tab
  • Select the Report you desire (left side):
    • Advisor Listing by level, college, dept., major
    • Advisor Listing with email, work address by level, college, major, department
    • Change in Field of Study by term, major, date range
    • Students with no Advisor by level, college, department, major 

Self-Service Banner (individual advisor information only)

  • Access the Faculty and Advisors menu
  • Select the Advisor Menu
  • Click the link for Faculty Advisees

Note: In the “Advisor Listing” reports students are sorted by the last name of Advisor 1 (typically a MAJR advisor), including students that are assigned multiple advisors.  Scroll across to see all advisors.  This information can be imported into Excel and sorted in multiple ways.


This system pulls information from Banner; if advisees do not appear, or incorrect advisees appear, then the assignments need to be updated in Banner. CONNECT can be used to pull a list of students assigned to each advisor. 

  • Log in, using your UNC Charlotte username and password
  • Select Connect from menu
  • Once in Connect, select, "advanced search" on left side of page
  • Place a check mark in the box labeled "show advanced filters" on right side of page
  • Go to "assigned to" box will expand showing "assigned to advisor" field
  • Type your name in box, this will take some time to process
  • Save the search to not loose data, which can be done at top of page. Will allow you to reference later.
  • Check majors assigned to students in your case load

2.  Verify Advisor Type Codes

In order to designate the difference between advisors on the student’s record, each advisor should have an Advisor Type assigned. Below are the Advisor Types codes that should be used:

Advisor Type


Major Advisor
Also applies to pre-majors and additional majors


Minor Advisor
Also applies to additional minors


University Advising Center Advisors
University College for undeclared students or students transitioning between majors


Secondary Advisors:  
Athletic Academic Center advisors (for student-athletes) ATHL
UCAE advisors (for former BEST Program students) BEST
College of Engineering Transition advisor CETA
Honors College and Levine Scholars Program advisors HONR
Multicultural Academic Services advisors MAS
OASES advisors for adult and nontraditional students OASE

3.  Update Advisor Assignments

Training is available through the Office of the Registrar or from the Associate Director of Academic Advising Development (contact, Ms. Deanna Rella).

If you have a list of 25+ new freshmen or transfer students who need advisor assignments or need to replace a previous advisor’s assignments to a new advisor, the list can be put into an Excel spreadsheet and emailed to Enrollment Technology for upload into Banner. 

4.  Review your Advising Updates for Accuracy

  • Care must be taken to:
    • Ensure that a major advisor is the “primary” advisor
    • Remove all inactive advisors from your department/advising center
    • Avoid removing an advisor by accident
  • When possible, College Advising Centers will also monitor advisor lists and send reports to departments when errors are observed